Ramona and Clyde

I’ve always believed we are here to give more than we take.

Whether it be through making a difference in your community, bringing awareness to an important cause, raising amazing children, rescuing an animal, making an annual donation to an organization, helping someone when they’re sick or grieving or just being kind, we should leave what we find a little better.

Throughout my career in public relations, marketing and sales, I spent a lot of time standing up for the little guy. Whether it was so get an after-school arts program for disadvantaged youth off the ground, create a company in memory of my late sister or to show my clients how to get their big idea out into the world to make a difference, I’ve always been advocating.

And now I find myself, once again, turning it into my day job. This time for my neighborhood, city, state and other areas of the country that are experiencing a public health and safety crisis and have no idea what to do.

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If you would like to learn about the strategies I’ve used to garner incredible success in my community, please email me to see how we can work together.

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If you want to know more…

  • I’m a wine lover and design junkie who uses profanity and humor as much as possible, has an alphabetized spice rack, amazing taste in television and who hates people’s feet, heights, clutter, washing my hair and the word “moist.”
  • I’ve been a speechwriter, copywriter, project manager, event planner, fundraiser, executed huge branding and marketing campaigns, was a panelist a for Microsoft Small Business event and have been featured and published in over 100 websites, publications, podcasts, TV and radio shows. I’m tired just reading this.
  • My family often refers to me as “Moderate Speed Mona” because when I was a teenager while on vacation in Colorado, we decided to do the Alpine slides, and I took the instructions of going “moderate speed” very seriously, which resulted in my younger siblings and parents screaming at me to quit holding everyone up. I then went and sat on a bench next to someone’s grandmother.
  • After losing my 28-year-old sister to Breast Cancer, my father to a heart attack and a few more family members tragically, I became passionate about health (mental, emotional and physical) – especially being your own health advocate. I found my own Melanoma, which doctors thought was nothing, and years later another form of skin cancer, which also was overlooked by medical professionals. You must listen to your intuition and demand to be taken seriously. It is 100% your responsibility.
  • In 2007, I created Uptown Liz – an online marketplace that featured products from companies whose profits supported charitable endeavors, in my sister’s memory. In less than a month, the business went viral with massive amounts of press, over 300,000 monthly website hits from all over the world, thousands of dollars raised for non-profits and an incredible legacy for my sister.
  • I love quotes and my two of my favorites are: “comparison is the enemy of joy” and if “you’re going through hell, keep fucking going.”

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