I’m making changes and rewriting most of the content for my website. I thought I’d share with you what will be part of my about page.

And I made you a new free guide — just for fun (at the bottom)!

1. As a child, I could be found visiting with the adults and when I did play with kids, I made them act out 300-page stories I had written. And as a sixth-grader, I won a state-wide writing contest about two, female mice detectives.

2. Several men in my family (and Hubby’s) are war veterans, and my mother was adopted in a small town in Germany by a military couple.

3. During college, I worked as a make-up artist at Nordstrom and as a nanny (those kids are still in my life today).

4. I love old things. My engagement and wedding rings are from the 1940s and my house was built in 1935.

5. I hate people’s feet, heights, clutter, washing my hair and the word “moist.”

6. I ran marathons for almost ten years. When I started, I didn’t have a runner’s body and I couldn’t run half a block. Yet I completed multiple races, with my best time under four hours. It was a powerful experience and showed me I could do anything I set my mind to.

7. My family often refers to me as “Moderate Speed Mona” because when I was a teenager while on vacation in Colorado, we decided to do the Alpine slides, and I took the instructions of going “moderate speed” very seriously, which resulted in my younger siblings and parents screaming at me to quit holding everyone up. I then went and sat on a bench with someone’s grandmother.

8. The most beautiful place I’ve seen is The Great Fjords at sunrise in Norway.

9. I have an incredible ability to tell if a TV show will survive based on the first episode (and many times just by the trailer). Netflix, you really need to hire me as a consultant.

10. After losing my 28-year-old sister to Breast Cancer, my father to a heart attack and a few more family members tragically, I became passionate about health (mental, emotional and physical) – especially being your own health advocate. I found my own Melanoma, which doctors thought was nothing, and just two weeks ago another form of skin cancer, which also was overlooked by medical professionals. You must listen to your intuition and demand to be taken seriously. It is 100% your responsibility.

11. Not long after my sister’s death, I created Uptown Liz – an online marketplace that featured products from companies whose profits supported charitable endeavors, in her memory. In less than a month, the business went viral with massive amounts of press, over 300,000 monthly website hits from all over the world, thousands of dollars raised for non-profits and incredible legacy for my sister.

12. In all of my accomplishments I’m most proud of the fact that despite my losses, I have a good marriage and good friendships, I still have my sense of humor (which is wickedly inappropriate, thanks mom), I continue to set goals and go after them, and I remind myself on my toughest days that “comparison is the enemy of joy” and if “you’re going through hell, keep fucking going.”

And if you want to know my all-time faves in entertainment and so much more, download this free guide.