This morning I was hanging out with Clyde at my favorite coffee shop and overheard a guy in his early 30s (maybe younger) tell his friend he went to his boss and said, “I deserve six figures.”

WTF!?!? Balls. Big, brass ones.

And you know what? I bet he gets it, or a number very close. Because he feels confident and worthy of that number (based on the rest of my eavesdropping).

I can tell you even though I have felt worthy of being paid more, I didn’t always ask. I knew for a long time I needed to raise my rates, but I didn’t because I was afraid no one would buy my services.

It wasn’t until a year ago when I was interviewing business coaches — and every single one of them told me I was too cheap and it was a red flag — that I raised my prices and got rid of my lower end services. And you know what? I got more business. No one said I was too expensive, they just paid me in full after one to two email exchanges. By raising my rates, I attracted more of my ideal clients:  business owners who knew what they needed and took immediate action.

If you know your products are good, you have a track record of happy clients and feel you are working too cheap, then raise your rates and see what happens. You can do it quietly by just changing it on your website, or you can make announcement.

Speaking of that, after having several clients go through my Stories That Sell session and seeing the immense value and results (more than I even thought possible) they have received, I’m increasing the price from $497 to $649 next Monday. So if you’ve been considering buying this service, grab it now and save yourself some cash.

You can find all the details of Stories That Sell here.

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash