“In the least creepiest way possible, I love you! It looks absolutely amazing!!” – Emily Westerfield

“I feel like I know you after reading your website! Nice job! Gonna save my pennies and come work with you!!!” – Sarah Snider

“Love it! You spoke right to me and I signed up.” – Ann Chikahisa

These are only a few of the almost one hundred comments I received after announcing my new website was completed. Not only did I receive a lot of love, I had some people decide to book me for coaching and one requested an interview.

Not a bad outcome for just unveiling a new site.

But I know it’s not really the website. These people didn’t all of a sudden remember they need PR help because of some kickass design. It was because I infused the best marketing tool I had:  ME.

Every time I have a new site done, I put more of myself into than before. Whether that’s my sense of humor, my struggles or my no bullshit advice on PR, I kick it up a notch. So when people went to my new site and saw a message on the home page versus my blog or went to my about page and read about the difficult times I’ve been through (but that I’m still standing) or read that I’m completely at peace if you don’t want to work with me and (gasp!) don’t even like me, what they were seeing was ME. 100%. No fluff. Well except the stunning photos my friend took of me and Clyde where I’m actually showered and in clothes that don’t have an elastic waistband.

Because what I know more than anything after 15 years in PR, marketing and sales is that the more of yourself that is in your business, the more ideal clients you will attract and the more money you will make. And you will just be plain happier as an entrepreneur. Because this shit is hard. And it’s a lot harder when you’re hiding behind stock image photos and third person content wondering where to find clients.

So just be YOU. All the time. You’ll have better friends, partners and customers.

Oh, and please peruse my gorgeous new website and tell me what you think. Because I thought this shit out. Like every detail. Down to the fonts, the spacing. I couldn’t hide behind my OCD even if I tried.