When you’re getting started in business, the amount of advice of what to focus on is beyond overwhelming and it’s so easy to try and do all the things because you think you need all the things.

And guess what? It happens when you’re farther along in business too. You hit a slump, a rut, you want to change your programs or services, and you’re distracted by the shiny objects (read: coaches, courses, classes, conferences, video series, etc.).

Every entrepreneur suffers from this, including myself. All the different things I thought I needed, but never finished, and some of them wouldn’t have helped anyway.

So how do you get out of this “syndrome?” You focus on your WHAT.

What is your business goal? Is it to increase sales? To establish yourself as an expert? To promote a book?

Then ask yourself what will help get you there? Is it a program? One-on-one with a coach? A business retreat?

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