The biggest thing that prevents more visibility in your business is not doing anything. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but you would be surprised how many people say to me, “I’m going to focus on PR next year (or in two years).”

This response always leaves me a little dumbfounded and speechless. Because business cannot survive without public relations (press, blogs, speaking gigs, networking, interviews, etc.). It should be something you focus on every week.

Part of the problem is entrepreneurs think they need to put thousands away for their media campaign, because retainers with firms and agencies start at $10,000 if not higher.

But what happens if you fork out tens of thousands and walk away with almost no visibility?

Many of my clients have come to me, devastated, after this exact experience.

So I teach them what they need to know, and after they implement my strategies, they get results.

You do not need PR firms, press releases or thousands of dollars. And it’s not time-consuming or complicated.

To get started, do the following:

  • Think about all the places your ideal clients (people you like to work with and who will pay you) exists. Where do they spend their time online? What are their hobbies? What are the problems they need solved? What do they read and listen to? Do they prefer content in written, audio or video format?
  • Now that you know where they “hang out”, what outlets can you use to reach them? Is there a popular blog they read where you can be interviewed or contribute an article? Can you offer a free training to a Facebook group run by someone with a complimenting (not competing) product or service?
  • If you have a brick and mortar business, then look to local events that you can participate in by having a booth, giving a free talk or demonstration or just to network and get your name out there.


Photo credit:  Markus Spiske