When most of us think of PR, we think big and splashy like THE TODAY SHOW, O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE, INSTYLE and so on. Biz owners think if they could just land one of those features, they would be set. Enough people would know about their products and services that sales would be off the charts.

I have some bad news: it doesn’t usually work that way.

An effective media campaign is much more about practical strategies. Think of it like fishing. You want to catch a specific kind of fish, so you do some research on where this fish hangs out. To your surprise, it’s not the great big ocean. In fact, if you tried to fish in the ocean, your chances of catching that particular fish are slim. Instead, you decide to go to a small lake where there’s a huge population of this kind of fish. You bait your hook with their favorite food and they swim right up.

When you only focus on big media, you’re fishing in the ocean hoping your ideal client (the one that will gladly buy from you) will find your hook. But when you drill down to where those clients hang out in large numbers—for example a niche blog with a loyal, obsessed following—they easily find your hook and eat the bait you’re selling.

I’ll give you one of many real-life examples. For my previous business, my PR efforts were huge. Not only was I in every media outlet (print and TV) in the large city where I live, I had national press as well. My business was featured in glossy magazines and I had a wonderful article on FOXNEWS (just to name a few). While this was great for my reputation, it didn’t do a lot for visibility or more eyeballs on my shit. To my shock, it was a small feature on an unknown mommy blog that sent 30,000 people a month to my website for several months. Why is that? Because this blog knew their audience and fed them (via their content) exactly what they wanted. So anytime this blog recommended something, their incredibly loyal readers gobbled it up.

If you’ve done your research and believe that big media will take your business to the next level, then go for it. But know there is always another way.

P.S. My latest obsessions: My Favorite Murder (podcast), Big Little Lies (TV miniseries on HBO), The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution (book by Aviva Romm, MD) and the Sugar Paper office supplies at Target.