Stories That Sell

People buy with their emotions. They don’t buy products, they buy stories.

So what’s yours? You know exactly what you do—and you do it well—but for some reason when someone asks you to describe your business, you stammer, come off unsure and lack confidence. You’re uncomfortable talking about yourself and don’t want to feel brag-gy.

Maybe you’re worried you’re too small to build authority and establish yourself as an expert. But you want to stand out, which seems more difficult now that everyone has an online business.

You want to bring in more revenue while only working with your ideal clients, which means you need more eyeballs on your shit. But no matter how many things you’ve tried, you’re still hearing silence. Not even the crickets are responding. Or not enough crickets are responding.

You don’t want your marketing and sales to feel forced or sales-y, but business can’t exist without both. And you’re overwhelmed by all the advice. So where do you start?


You start with your story.

Ramona Russell

Hey, I’m Ramona Russell, the OCD, type-A, fur baby mama with over 15 years award-winning experience in public relations, marketing and sales. I’ve had dozens upon dozens of features in places such as FOXNEWS, BUSINESSWEEK, LUCKY MAGAZINE, IDEA FITNESS JOURNAL, have shared the stage with big-time peeps and worked with people I admire and respect.

Fresh out of college, I had the daunting task of getting press for a brand-new, unknown, nonprofit with a tiny budget. All I had was my passion, determination and a story, which resulted in over 50 media features and a $100,000 donation.

I continued to build relationships with the media and influencers throughout my career to obtain an enormous amount of visibility for my employers. And when I became an entrepreneur, I did the same for myself.

All by creating a story that sells.

My clients come from every industry imaginable, and by helping them leverage their story, some increased their revenue in under ten days, others became bloggers for such publications as The Huffington Post. And many were able to secure a large amount of attention for their business.

I created Stories that Sell because I hate sales. Yep, even though I can sell the shit out of anything, and have recognition in doing so, I hate selling myself. I know how good I am at what I do, but I don’t want to have to tell people in a way that doesn’t feel natural. So I share my story: why I do what I do, what I believe, what pisses me off about my industry and I use some F bombs and a lot of humor because that’s part of who I am.

The best feeling in the world is when a potential client says, “I feel like I know you!” It’s also a confirmation that your marketing is working.


“Those who tell stories rule the world.” – Plato

This is for you if:

  • You have a business and a website with a product or service for sale.
  • You want to know how you can stand out to obtain media attention, increase revenue or be known as an expert in your field.
  • You are ready to put yourself out there and be 100% you.
  • You don’t know how to get more visibility in this crowded, online world in order to reach and engage your target market.
  • You have no idea how to find and leverage your story to grow your business.
  • You’re wondering how everyone else but you seem to be getting featured in amazing publications, podcasts, blogs and landing speaking gigs.
  • You’re not sure how to market the successes you’ve had (awards, books, press) in order to establish yourself as an expert.
  • You don’t know how to get the attention of ideal clients, the media and influencers in your industry.


As harsh as it sounds, nobody cares that you started a business. You have to make them care. And the way you do that is with your story. And caring is sharing which equals buying.


I want you to:

  • Talk about your business like you were telling a friend about your favorite TV show or restaurant.
    Effortless and natural.
  • Have people beyond excited to hire you and talk everyone’s ears off about their experience.
  • Have your most-desired peeps return your emails wanting to feature you, recommend you and work
    with you.
  • Know what to do when it comes to marketing yourself to snag a coveted opportunity.

“Ramona was a joy to work with! She seemed to intuitively know exactly what changes I needed to make in my marketing and PR strategy, and gave me suggestions and actions steps that I could implement immediately. This resulted in increased advertising sales and traffic to my website. She went above and beyond my expectations by following up with more ideas for simplifying and streamlining my media kit which helped my sales team increase their closing rates. She is not only talented, but a blast to work with and delivers more than any other marketing professional I’ve worked with.”

Dr. Diane Hayden

Natural Nutmeg

“Ramona is a freaking breath of fresh air in the world of PR. She is genuine, and her quest to help me express my story brought an introvert out proud into the arena in which I work! I totally own my story, and having this time with Ramona really helped me to recognize the value of it and how to express it best to my online audience. I have received so many messages from people thanking me for my social media posts since I started sharing my unique journey with them. People have been looking for someone like me, and now thanks to Ramona, they have found me.”

Shasha Crow

Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Guide

During our 90 minute-call you will receive: 

  • An in-depth training and full understanding on types of stories that sell with a take-home PDF.
  • Ideas for an elevator pitch and tag line to easily explain what you do when you meet new peeps. You need clarity, because a confused mind never buys.
  • Ideas for lead magnets and freebies to grow your email list and social media followers. This is a great way to show your expertise and leave them wanting more.
  • Ideas for pitching the media—because not everyone has gotten the memo that press releases are D-E-A-D—with examples in a take-home PDF.
  • A completely flushed-out story—your story—that you can use for your bio, blogs, interviews and to attract clients, press and influencers.
  • Email access for follow-up questions for two weeks.

“Ramona is a total rock star! I absolutely loved the Stories that Sell program and got so much out of it. We dug deep into what makes the Criscara brand unique and which pieces of our story will help us stand out in a very saturated marketplace. I left our call with clear actions we could take to best share our story in an intriguing way – for both our customers and the media. I got more out of our 90-minute phone call than I did out of countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars working with PR firms. Ramona is the real deal, and such a blast to work with!”

Crista Grasso

Criscara Jewelry

“I am so glad that I spent time and money with Ramona for her Stories That Sell service. After an hour and a half together, I have a whole list of concrete things to do to make my website and online presence stronger. After the very next email I sent out, doing what Ramona suggested, I had the biggest response from my contacts than I had ever had before. I am looking forward to building my connections with potential clients and increasing my sales.”

Judith Monroe


“Ramona is a straight shooter. She’ll tell you exactly how to improve your existing materials, how to articulate your personal story for PR, and how to raise the bar on your marketing. If you’re looking to jumpstart your story, she’s your gal.”

Jen Briggs

Business Strategist + Life Coach


What if I don’t have a story?

Don’t worry, you do. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have one.

Is this a copywriting service?

No. Although I’m a writer and did copywriting for years, this service doesn’t provide you with a written story. What you do get is an understanding of what your unique story is and how to leverage it to grow your business.

Will I learn how to pitch the media?

Yes and no. I will give you ideas on how to use your story to attract the media and what to include in a pitch, but there is so much that goes into building relationships with the press and landing opportunities that it can’t be covered in one session.