Does it seem like everyone has been interviewed but you? That your competitors all have those awesome press logos on their website establishing their expertise and you have no idea how to do the same?

You know you have a great product, service and message to share that people actually want, but you need more people to know about it.

Enter the best and most effective shortcut to that problem: the media.

Us biz owners know that the best kind of marketing comes from referrals and third party endorsements, and that’s exactly what being interviewed or having your own article published by an influential publication or blogger is: someone else that isn’t you saying you’re amazing, that you know you’re shit, that other people should hire you.

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” — Richard Branson

And the best way to get more media attention is to leverage the ones you already have. That’s why it’s so crucial to get your first feature so you can use it to establish your expertise and obtain even more press.

For example, I’ve always wanted to write for Entrepreneur Magazine, but I waited to pitch them until I had what I felt was the right media mentions under my belt so I could use it as leverage to a “yes”, which I did. Here’s how I did it: at the end of my pitch, where you show why you’re qualified, I wrote the following:

“As a 15-year veteran of the industry, I’ve helped many savvy business owners save tens of thousands in PR expenses. And as an OCD, type-A, recovering perfectionist PR strategist and writer, I’ve had over 50 features in places such as Businessweek, FOX NEWS, Lucky Magazine, and have been published several times in the award-winning, Idea Fitness Journal. I’m happy to provide writing samples upon request.”

It was my timely story idea and leveraging my past features that landed me the opportunity. But what if you don’t have even one press mention?

Then you learn what the media is looking for, how they operate and how to write a good pitch. And you continue to build on each interview and article to leverage the next, even bigger one.

And you have two ways you can do that: you can hire a PR firm or agency and sign a minimum three to six-month retainer (typically starting at $10,000), or you can join my online PR course, Think Like a Publicist.

I poured everything I’ve learned from my entire career into this eight-week program so that you will never feel helpless again when it comes to approaching the media to increase your visibility. Not only will you learn all the ins and outs of PR and the press, you will never have to worry about spending thousands to pay someone to do it for you (unless you really want to).

This program is designed to make sure you get this down with weekly lessons, live calls (one with an editor) and a ridiculous amount of attention from me. I give feedback on every, single thing you do in the course to make sure you’re on the right track (it’s how I learn the best so I want the same for you).

“I enrolled in this program for two reasons:

First, because I adore Ramona and know she’s the best at what she does. Second, because I wanted to learn more about how I can up my publicity game and gain wisdom on how I can leverage my own PR.

I was so blown away by the amount of detailed tips, secrets and strategies that you just never learn unless you are a publicist. I learned how to make use of social media to gain amazing PR, and how to get your name and your content fabulous exposure online.

What I also loved about the course was Ramona’s fabulous spin on publicity and her beautiful sense of humor! She made me laugh while I was learning on each call! She has a unique gift to teach and entertain at the same time. I absolutely loved the course!”

Leanne Jacobs, author of Beautiful Money

“After having an in-house publicist for many years suddenly I was on my own.
Enter Ramona Russell and I had a full-fledged publicity strategy. Ramona has a fantastic gift for pulling the magic out of your story and teaching you how to serve it to the press in the most valuable way.

She’s sharp, resourceful, and very knowledgeable about the ever-changing business of PR. If your brand needs exposure, you need Ramona!”

Tanea Smith, She’s Got Papers

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