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Your opinions, beliefs and personality are the key to standing out and getting more clients.

Media Appearances

If you’re a business owner and want to know how to stand out in a crowded, noisy, saturated market and actually get more clients, be seen as the expert you are, and make more money – I can help.

I get it. You’re overwhelmed about what you really need to do to have people pay for your expertise. You’re frustrated when you see a colleague with a shitload of press and you haven’t landed one, especially when you’ve been in the industry longer. And the last thing you want to do is fork over tens of thousands to a PR professional who may not know what they’re doing (or maybe you already did, and was left broke without results).

A few things my clients have said…

“With her help, I was able to completely forgot the big Southern California PR firms and secure placement on my own.”

“She went above and beyond my expectations… which helped my sales team increase their closing rates… and increased advertising sales and traffic to my website.”

“I pitched successfully to MindBodyGreen shortly after taking her course and heard back from the editor in two days… one of my articles will be published now.”

“I got more out of our 90-minute phone call than I did out of countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars working with PR firms.”

“She has single-handedly redeemed the entire PR industry in my mind, after reversing an entire decade of bad experiences.”

15-plus years in the marketing, PR and sales industries has taught me a shitload, which means I can teach you the exact strategies the experts know.

There’s no scenario, excuse or problem that landed you in yoga pants with a glass of wine and an entire season on Netflix that I haven’t heard—and fixed. Still not convinced? Put me to the test with one of my services.

Ways to Work With Me

Stories That Sell

Learn how to use your story so you can stand out, attract your ideal clients, impress the media and connect with influencers.

My clients come from every industry imaginable, and by helping them leverage their story, some increased their revenue in under ten days, others became bloggers for such publications as The Huffington Post. And many were able to secure a large amount of attention for their business.

I created Stories that Sell because I hate sales. Yep, even though I can sell the shit out of anything, and have recognition in doing so, I hate selling myself. I know how good I am at what I do, but I don’t want to have to tell people in a way that doesn’t feel natural. So I share my story: why I do what I do, what I believe, what pisses me off about my industry and I use some F bombs and a lot of humor because that’s part of who I am.

The best feeling in the world is when a potential client says, “I feel like I know you!” It’s also a confirmation that your marketing is working.

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Think Like a Publicist

Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Clients Now.

You don’t have to play the who-you- know-game to be featured in your dream publication, but you do have to understand how to Think Like a Publicist.

You can be the best in the biz, but that won’t make the media your BFF. You have to know how to get on their radar and that’s exactly why I created Think Like a Publicist, to take you from missing out on the publicity your business deserves to being the ONE everyone is seeing.

Think Like a Publicist is an experience — not a class, not a course or just theory on how to get featured by the media.

Over the eight weeks we spend together, you will have a weekly LIVE PR lesson with homework that is PROVEN to get your business more publicity. This is NOT a DIY course. This is several weeks of hands-on, live learning with everything you need to know to go out and get real, legit media attention with incentives to actually complete this course so that you end up in the magazine/podcast/blog/show from your bucket list.

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