I’m a native Californian, living in Sacramento, 90 miles from The Camp Fire, which has killed multiple people and completely wiped out the city of Paradise. Northern California is covered in a thick blanket of smoke, and as we see the images of the devastation, we all feel so helpless—just as we did last year with the Napa Fires.

Our police, sheriff and fire departments are sending teams and residents and businesses are donating as much as possible. Everyone’s heart is in they right place, but many donations (like the 2,000 sticks of deodorants or the 1,000 toothbrushes) are not what is needed. I have been told by multiple departments what is most helpful is money and gift cards.

With that in mind, a local artist, Tim Collom, is donating all the proceeds from his California Relief print to the victims of The Camp Fire. For only $40 (shipping included), you can own this gorgeous print and help people who had less than five minutes to leave their home or had to run from their car as the other cars melted around them. Most of these people only have the clothes on their back, and have witnessed horrors the res never will.

I wake up every morning, so grateful that I have my home, my family, my dog and my community.

Please buy this gorgeous print from Tim and spread the word as much as possible for the people of California.