I often forget my writing “career” started in pigtails, in a bedroom I shared with my late sister. When my siblings asked for bikes one Christmas, I asked for a desk, where I would write long, dramatic tales on binder paper, single-space, front and back. I even drew the pictures. 

When I started writing about public relations and marketing, I realized what I wrote could help people. Business owners would read my articles and implement my advice and tell me how it made a difference in their bottom line. But I don’t think I realized how much writing was a gift, until I had the opportunity to write about the homeless crisis to make a serious impact, which I hope I’m doing.

For my latest article, I interviewed Dr. Drew Pinsky, who I believe should be THE voice as to what is happening on our streets and how we can fix it. I spent almost three months reading books and articles, listening to interviews, watching videos and talking and emailing with Drew. It was very important to me to do him and his plan justice, because I know how deeply passionate—and morally uncomfortable—he is by the homeless crisis. 

I am deeply grateful for his time, patience and trust in me to lay out what he believes can get tens of thousands of people off the streets and into the care they so desperately need. I believe this is the most important thing I’ve ever written, because as we all go about our lives, people are dying in the streets due to ill-conceived laws and theology with no basis in facts. This should have never happened and it’s PREVENTABLE. 

Please take the time to read this and share it  with as many people as possible.