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I stopped watching award shows years ago. As much as I love TV and film, I didn’t love celebrities using their acceptance speeches to lecture the public on issues they felt were vital, but didn’t walk their talk. For example, climate change seems to be something many people in Hollywood are passionate about, yet they have more than one mansion, travel by private jet multiple times a year and are escorted places in large, gas-guzzling SUVs. If they truly believed climate change was upon us and going to destroy our planet, wouldn’t they change their habits?

This year got me thinking, with the homeless crisis in Los Angeles County being one of the worst, why hasn’t one celebrity used their platform to bring attention to it? People are deteriorating and dying the street, at three a day just in that county, where many celebrities live and work. I can’t think of a more urgent matter to turn your focus to, which prompted me to write this article. Click here to read it.