Article: Dr. Drew’s Plan to End Homelessness

I often forget my writing “career" started in pigtails, in a bedroom I shared with my late sister. When my siblings asked for bikes one Christmas, I asked for a desk, where I would write long, dramatic tales on binder paper, single-space, front and back. I even drew...

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Interview: Dr. Drew Midday Live (Third Time)

I was happy to talk with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Leeann Tweeden on their radio show today the third time to discuss why our public health and safety issues are getting worse despite billions being spent. You can listen to it here.

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Help Me Support This Incredible Organization

Every year my advocacy group, Land Park Society, raises money for a charitable organization. In 2017, we raised thousands for The Mustard Seed School (part of Loaves and Fishes), which provides schooling, counseling and medical treatment to homeless children. In 2018,...

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Interview: Dr. Drew Midday Live (Second Time)

I was on the Dr. Drew Midday Show again, which is always awesome. Do I get to say we're BFFs yet? I love him and Leeann Tweeden! We discussed my latest article about what law enforcement, first responders and hospital staff are experiencing with the...

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Interview: Cristina Mendonsa on KFBK

I was interviewed by the lovely Cristina Mendonsa on KFBK today. I talked about the the California laws that are the biggest contribution to our homeless crisis (Prop. 47, Prop. 57 and AB109), and how before the implementation of these laws, my community had almost no...

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Interview: Dr. Drew Midday Live

My interview with Dr. Drew and Leann Tweeden on their radio show was awesome. As a doctor, mental health and addiction specialist, Dr. Drew is very passionate about this issue and I’m so grateful he’s decided to speak out publicly.  He believes the homeless epidemic...

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