Interview: Cristina Mendonsa on KFBK

I was interviewed by the lovely Cristina Mendonsa on KFBK today. I talked about the the California laws that are the biggest contribution to our homeless crisis (Prop. 47, Prop. 57 and AB109), and how before the implementation of these laws, my community had almost no...

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Interview: Dr. Drew Midday Live

My interview with Dr. Drew and Leann Tweeden on their radio show was awesome. As a doctor, mental health and addiction specialist, Dr. Drew is very passionate about this issue and I’m so grateful he’s decided to speak out publicly.  He believes the homeless epidemic...

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Article: A drug epidemic disguised as a housing crisis

My second article with the California Globe went live today. I had the honor of interviewing a fellow advocate and neighbor who has been doing incredible work in our community for years; we often refer to her as Superwoman.  I would love if it you shared the...

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Article: The silent majority cannot stay quiet

For the last few months, I have been shopping around for a publication where I could write about my advocacy work and what I see happening in my neighborhood, city and state regarding the homeless epidemic. I put out some feelers, but nothing quite felt right until I...

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Interview: The Phil Cowan Show (Third Time)

Yesterday morning I did my third interview on The Phil Cowan Show with my friend, Katy Grimes. We talked about: — Why I started my advocacy group, Land Park Society — What I have seen on my police ride alongs and how it is the exact opposite of what we’re being told...

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Interview: The Phil Cowan Show (Second Time)

This morning I did an interview on The Phil Cowan Show. It was my second time on the show with guest host, Katy Grimes. I spoke about the following: - How and why I started my advocacy group, Land Park Society. - What me and my group have documented in the last almost...

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Art for California Wildfire Victims

I’m a native Californian, living in Sacramento, 90 miles from The Camp Fire, which has killed multiple people and completely wiped out the city of Paradise. Northern California is covered in a thick blanket of smoke, and as we see the images of the devastation, we all...

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It Should Hurt Like Hell

July 17th is my late sister’s birthday. And this year it hit me really hard; I had some very bad days leading up to it. A friend of mine sent me an email the day of saying, “Wish the pain would go away.” He is one of the most decent and thoughtful people I know. And...

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Interview: The Business of Authority Podcast

I was so flattered to be a guest on the podcast, The Business of Authority with Jonathan Stark and Rochelle Moulton, known for interviews on how to make a living while making a difference. The first half of the interview I talk about how to get media attention and...

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