Every year my advocacy group, Land Park Society, raises money for a charitable organization. In 2017, we raised thousands for The Mustard Seed School (part of Loaves and Fishes), which provides schooling, counseling and medical treatment to homeless children. In 2018, we sent truckloads of donations to the Camp Fire victims.

This year (and during the month of my birthday) we chose Saint John’s Program for Real Change because they are one of the most effective charities out there in getting women (and their children) in crisis to make permanent life changes. They offer mental health therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, parenting, relationship and budgeting classes as well as job training.

In the midst of this epidemic several parts of our country is facing, we must direct our dollars to what actually works. Please join me in supporting this incredible organization. 

— $25 – Provides 30 nutritious meals for children

— $100 – Provides 30 days of support for a mother while she stabilizes and sets goals and a budget for herself and her family

— $130 – Provides a family full support for 24 hours including housing, drug and alcohol counseling, parenting education, healthy relationship training and childcare.

— $300 – Provides one week of on-the-job employment training, including transportation and childcare for a mother and her children

— $1,400 – Sponsors one child in the program for one month

Our goal is to raise $2,000 by December 31. It takes less than 30 seconds to donate. Click here.