This morning I did an interview on The Phil Cowan Show. It was my second time on the show with guest host, Katy Grimes. I spoke about the following:

– How and why I started my advocacy group, Land Park Society.

– What me and my group have documented in the last almost two years in our community regarding the drugs, crime and transient issues.

– How there are no politics in doing a ride along with law enforcement or first responders; what you see is exactly what is happening.

– How I am a proud NIMBY and why everyone else should be as well.

– How my group helped a long-time drug-addicted transient get off the street and clean, by supporting him ourselves because the programs offered by our city were impossible to navigate and get resources from.

– How you can become more involved in your community.

Here is the link to listen. Time marker:  1:02:30.


Interview:  The Phil Cowan Show

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