My clients are business owners—mostly small business—which means my work has been greatly affected to the point of ZERO. Everything has been cancelled or postponed and despite that major setback, and not being able to see my family which meant I had to watch my five-year old nephew, who is the love of my life, blow out his birthday candles from my phone this weekend, I am definitely one of the lucky ones (even though my nephew asked me why I wasn’t with him on his birthday, which made me want to sob in the fetal position). And so is Clyde, as he has been getting longer walks and going for what I call “mental health drives,” throughout our beautiful Northern California (car rides are his favorite).

I have been around business owners my entire life and know the sacrifice they make that most aren’t willing to do. They put their entire livelihood and work double the hours of a normal job to provide for their families and create jobs in their communities. Which is why I’ve been using my free time to help local businesses and friends who are business owners as much as possible so they don’t lose their life’s work.

I am what I call an “aggressive helper.” I’ll help you even if you don’t want it, even if you didn’t ask for it and even if you start running the other way when you see me. So I am also using this extra time to support law enforcement, not only because I have many friends who work at various agencies, but because they are on the front lines with COVID-19. My advocacy group, Land Park Society, has been bringing our local police station coffee, bagels, cookies and pizza. And yesterday we wanted to support a local business and feed the officers who worked Easter. I called El Novillero, a Mexican restaurant who has been in business for 50 years, to make a large order, and the owner insisted on donating all 50 meals, despite my insistence on paying. In turn for their generosity, the Sacramento Police Department showed up with 25 officers to give the owner a round of applause and take photos, which they then posted on all their social media channels; this resulted in two news stories for the restaurant. 

And to note, this amazing gesture came one day after a man wanted for attempted murder shot at officers who tried to pull him over. Thankfully, no one in law enforcement was injured.

I cannot think of a better example of a community coming together in the worst of times, and it only makes me love business owners more and love my police department more. The people I have met in law enforcement have shown me unprecedented support in my advocacy work, my writing and my desire to make my community better. And they have been some of my greatest cheerleaders during my hardest days—which are HARD—when I question how I got myself into this and want to give it all up.

I hope this story inspires you to support your local businesses and first responders (police, fire and medical staff), to make a small difference however you can right now, so we all come out of this better than we were before. 

You can follow the Sacramento Police Department on their following social media platforms:  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And you can follow El Novillero at their following accounts:  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.