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My latest published article was definitely my hardest. It required the most amount of research, interviews, emails and doubt. I desperately did not want to let Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction medicine specialist who has worked with mental illness for thirty years, down or not do his plan to solve homelessness the justice is so richly deserved.

Which is why I’m so grateful that the article has received the enormous amount of attention it has from everyday readers to families of the drug-addicted and mentally ill to law enforcement agencies all over the state. 

The success I have had in my advocacy work as well as a writer has all come from what I went to school for and what I have done throughout my entire career:  marketing, public relations and social media. Everything I have learned has helped me get the attention of influential people and form crucial relationships which has put me on a stage so to speak for what I consider one of the biggest failures of our country:  people dying every day in the streets from drug addiction and mental illness fueled by disastrous policies. 

As a thank you for your support, I am giving you a guide I wrote on how to get media attention for whatever you desire:  a business, organization, advocacy work, book or special project. The rules work no matter what it is.

Thank you again for your cheerleading and touching emails–I have definitely needed it.

You can grab the guide here.