Here are the biggest reasons people don’t get publicity.

You’re going to focus on PR later this year or next year.

Publicity is not like SEO or Facebook ads. It should never ever be put off to focus on something else. It’s like having a website or an email list. You wouldn’t say I’ll get a website or start a list after I’m dong doing XYZ. You know you need it now to grow your business. PR is the same way. It’s the best version of marketing we have because it’s third party endorsements over and over that give you credibility and help you stand out. And it’s something you need to do the entire life of your business.

I’m not sure how getting media attention puts money in my pocket.

When you’re featured on a podcast, in a magazine, on a blog or TV, that publication is endorsing you and putting you in front of a large group of people that have never heard of you. And because your gaining instant credibility via the outlet, you can skip the seven touch points needed for a newbie to buy from you because they feel like they already know what you’re about.

One colleague appeared on a podcast and two listeners (strangers) bought her services totaling $2,600.

Another colleague had an interview in a publication and a reader (stranger)bought her course for $6,000.

I’ve had clients get their own column on The Huffington Post which helped get their books to the bestseller list.

I’ve had a press feature but nothing came of it.

Did you know how to leverage the media using this feature? Did you use it to connect to influencers and celebrities in your industry? Did you use it to get bigger media attention?

I’m not doing anything big right now. Just serving my clients one-on-one.

What happens when you hit a slump in your biz? Or you decide to change your niche? Or you want to scale to groups or masterminds? Or you want to write a book? You will need media coverage under your belt as social proof to get the attention of clients, publishers, etc. And it doesn’t happen overnight. With any kind of sales and marketing, you have to start before you need it.

This is what your colleagues are doing to get all of their media features. So what are you waiting for?