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Hi, I’m Ramona Russell—writer, advocate and public relations and social media strategist, who helps people get major publicity for the their business, projects and advocacy work. I, as well as my clients, have appeared in multiple national news outlets, podcasts, TV and radio shows.

I am also the creator of Save Sac and Land Park Society, an advocacy group whose focus is the public health and safety issues for the city of Sacramento, California. We give interviews, write articles, work on legislation, attend meetings, speak at City Council, put pressure on elected officials to hold them accountable and raise money for charitable causes.

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If you want to know more

  • I’m a wine lover and design junkie who uses profanity and humor as much as possible, has an alphabetized spice rack, amazing taste in television and who hates people’s feet, heights, clutter, washing my hair and the word “moist.”
  • My family often refers to me as “Moderate Speed Mona” because when I was a teenager while on vacation in Colorado, we decided to do the Alpine slides, and I took the instructions of going “moderate speed” very seriously, which resulted in my younger siblings and parents screaming at me to quit holding everyone up. I then went and sat on a bench next to someone’s grandmother.
  • After losing my 28-year-old sister to Breast Cancer, my father to a heart attack and a few more family members tragically, I became passionate about health (mental, emotional and physical) – especially being your own health advocate. In 2011 I found my own Melanoma, which doctors thought was nothing, and it reinforced for me that you must listen to your intuition and demand to be taken seriously. It is 100% your responsibility.
  • In 2007, I created Uptown Liz – an online marketplace that featured products from companies whose profits supported charitable endeavors, in my sister’s memory. In less than a month, the business went viral with massive amounts of press, over 300,000 monthly website hits from all over the world, thousands of dollars raised for non-profits and an incredible legacy for my sister.
  • I love quotes and my two of my favorites are: “comparison is the enemy of joy” and if “you’re going through hell, keep going.”

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