The other week I was invited by a badass entrepreneur and major influencer to do a live training in her Facebook group. I was beyond flattered and jumped at the chance. I talked about the best way to pitch the media and mentioned in order to increase your chances of getting featured, you need to tie in your story with a current trend to make it “timely.”

My top ways to follow trends are the following:
— Amazon best-seller list (books)
— Twitter and Instagram top hashtags

And now I’m going to walk you through the process I use to come up with pitch ideas based on those trends.
For example looking at Amazon the other day, here are the trends:

— Children’s books
— Easter books
— Religious books (Christian)
— Diet books (about eating good fats to lose weight)

For example, if you’re in the health industry, here are some ideas to pitch:

— How to eat healthy on Easter
— Why you should skip candy and eat fat this Easter
— Eat more fat to fit into your skinny jeans
— Eat lots of fat to get a bikini body

If your business has anything to do with moms and kids, here are some ideas to pitch:

— How to get your kids to eat healthy on Easter
— Replace the candy in the Easter eggs with this instead
— Best children’s books to read at bedtime
— Best children’s books to get your kids to read more

Those are just a few examples, but by looking at the ideas, you can see a pattern from the news stories and blog posts you come across every day. Because this is what they’re doing.

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