The biggest mistakes I’ve made in business are not taking enough risks and not investing enough in coaching, programs, etc. Like many of you, I worry about spending too much money on my biz and not recouping my investment. So in the past, I’ve shied away from hiring coaches and buying courses that I knew I needed. I told myself I would figure it out myself or wait until I had a few more clients to spend the money.

I was so wrong. Every. Single. Time. And it cost me so much time that I could have been making more money. Money that could have been put back in my business, or put into making renovations to my home or into more travel. My business moved slower, I had way too many days (well months) of floundering because I had no idea what to focus on, what to prioritize to solve said problem (creating a new service, for example). And the spiral effect from that is huge. You’re confidence decreases while your doubt increases. You start to question everything. You become less productive. You start comparing yourself to colleagues with so much negative self-talk you’ve earned a blackbelt.

When I think about those days, I shiver. They’re awful. And the only way I stopped them was to get direction from experts. And when I did, I had massive movement in my biz. And I always recouped my investment within months, if not weeks. Either the person I hired ended up hiring me, or recommended me to someone. And it snowballed from there. Now when I know I need help and I don’t have the answers, I go pay for them via course or coaching. And I’ve never regretted it once.

And that’s why I want to help you take your business higher: being featured by the media increases your revenue in some of the following ways:

  • It cuts down the “get to know you” time by half if not more. We’ve all heard it takes seven touch points for a newbie before they hire you. Not if they’ve seen you featured somewhere, because your expertise has automatically been established and they have instantly connected with you through your interview. You aren’t chasing them, or doing a song and dance to convince them why they should hire you. They come to you ready.
  • It brings your ideal clients—the ones that want to hire you and pay the price you’re asking—front and center. When you pitch the publications that cater to your target audience and get featured, those people seek you out, armed with why you’re a good fit and when they see your prices, they don’t bat an eye.
  • It gives a kick in the ass to those that have been on the fence about hiring you. After seeing an interview, they’re in.
  • It makes selling your services so much easier. They see you’re established from all of your third-party endorsements (the press), which is the best kind of referral marketing. They don’t need more proof.
  • It provides all the social proof people need who are thinking of hiring you to speak, publish your book, ask you to be an affiliate or partner in a retreat.
  • And it’s what makes you stand out from the competition, because most entrepreneurs are going to make excuses as to why they can put this off (they can’t afford to hire a firm or make the time to learn themselves). Which means, the ones that do, have the edge and are ahead of the game. They will be the ones getting featured by the press, getting more clients and opportunities for the biz.

15+ years in this industry and lots of happy clients can’t be wrong.